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Protest disrupts work at Xingu’s cofferdam for an hour

janeiro 19, 2012

Translated from Portuguese to English
Please check the original post (with pictures) at Xingu Vivo website

“Social organizations of Altamira and OcupaSampa activists (Brazilian Occupy movement) , who are in town, held on 18th, Wednesday, a direct action on the Xingu River in protest against the construction of the first cofferdam in the river. The temporary cofferdam will allow the construction of the wall of the  Belo Monte’s dam. On Monday, the Movimento Xingu vivo para sempre  (Xingu Forever Alive Movement) reported the start of the interventions in the river, and on Tuesday, the Federal Public Ministry have sent an official inquiry to IBAMA, FUNAI, the Agência Nacional de Águas (National Water  Agency) and Norte Energia after receiving complaint from Arara Indians, whose village lies below the cofferdam, saying the water that they use for drinking, cooking and bathing were muddy and not safe for consumption.
“Today we did a symbolic manifestation, we stopped the works of the first intervention in the Xingu for an hour, but our anger is enormous. The water is polluted, the trees are falling, and everything that happens while more than 13 actions through the courts for crimes involving Belo Monte. But we want to make clear that despite the moral massacre who are willing to impose on us, we are ready for war at our river, for our people, for our life, “said Antonia Melo, coordinator of the Xingu Forever Alive Movement.”
If you have to nominate what is happening, would you call it “civil war”?
The previous news about Belo Monte were:
Belo Monte starts the Xingu dam first steps
Keep tunned.


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