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Killer of dozens of dogs and cats assumes crime

janeiro 16, 2012

“In the afternoon of 14th, Saturday, more than one hundred activists gathered in front of the house of the woman who confessed killing more than 30 animals in Vila Mariana suburb, São Paulo state, Brazil. Lina Dalva da Silva, 42, was not there. Witnesses said she left home during the night, taking crates  in a car possibly with animals. ”

In eight years, she may have killed more than 30 000 animals!

You can pictures and a video directly from the news agency over here.

“Testimonials of several activists, neighbors and a detective shows that the number of dead animals is vastly greater than the ones founded this week. According to a private investigator, hired by an independent body, for only in the 20 days of work he has been watching the site, about 300 animals entered the house and none left it”

“Dalva’s behavior caused surprise among residents of the street. According to a report of a neighbor, who declined to be identified, she used to dispose between 6 and 7 bags of 100 liters, three times a week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), exactly at the time the garbage truck used to pass. “A lot of trash for one house,” she said.”

“Two activists which were at the place were threatened by the ex-husband’s of the accused woman, who left his car with a gun in his waistband. “He was armed and threatened us directly when he saw we were over there clamming for justice,” said Angela Ledesma, one of the activists. ” Fearing the threat, they went to the Police Department to make it formal. A TV channel named Record have recorded everything. “, said Claudia Sakaki.”

“In a small gesture of homage to dogs and cats killed, protesters laid flowers at the entranceof the house.”

“Concerned with the hypothesis that there were still animals in the house, some protesters, with the mood changed, tried to break the gate, to save potential victims who were still in place. But police intervened, explaining that he could only enter the site with approval of the delegate.”


On the night of the act, Thursday (12th), the detective saw a woman putting packages on the sidewalk and found that they were the bodies of animals. He contacted the guards, who called the military police.  This woman of 42 years was then arrested on suspicion of killing 39dogs and cats.”

“Black market blood

The killing of these animals is a strong indication of a suspicion, raised for months by NGOs working in defense of animals, that there is an underground trade of blood from animals in Brazil. The complaints came to the office of Deputy Ricardo Tripoli (PSDB-SP) who saidthat there is indeed illegal market in blood.”

“The guards asked for people who have given money to Dalva with the intention of helping the animals to show that it is also reported as larceny.”

What’s next:

Nowadays, politics are dealing with the empowerment of laws to protect animals and due to this case and another case witch you can see right here, are drawing attention from Brazilian, wich are being more than required to act against animal cruelty/rights.

Some petitions are on the way as well as lots of work to do.

On 22nd now, it’s going to happen a big protest named  Crueldade nunca mais  (Cruelty never more).

Stay tunned for more info!






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